This Week: Weddings

The thing about being in your late twenties is that everyone you know is getting engaged, which means there are a lot of weddings in my immediate future. It also means that business is booming because weddings require a surprising amount of paper, and I happen to be in the beautiful paper goods business!

Below is a seating chart I made this week, it’s one of several pieces for the same wedding (menus, programs, bar sign, etc.):

Seating Chart Template-01


In other wedding-type news, My BFF got engaged a few weeks ago and sent me a silly card. We spent a lot of time talking about hypothetical plans this week (are you allowed to have a potluck wedding? What about karaoke?). Can’t wait to marry you off Bones!


I had time for a bit of non-wedding related work too. May’s seasonal produce graphic went up on Garlic, My Soul’s blog earlier this week:

Seasonal Produce_May-01

And here’s a quick look at my latest piece for Joie de Vivre Hotels as their Artist in Residence, full post is over on their blog today!


Happy Weekend!

A New Workspace

I mentioned last week that we were about to tackle another big home improvement project: constructing a pergola in our backyard. We did it! It’s done!

I am psyched to have a beautiful new outdoor workspace for painting, scribbling, daydreaming, and just hanging out. The best part? We DIY’ed that sucker. It would not have been possible without the help of our incredibly handy friends Jeff and George, and the guidance of the other M’s dad. Massive thanks to all three of you! Photos of the process below:



Ruby got a little overexcited…

DSC_5385 DSC_5406 DSC_5431 DSC_5451 DSC_5471 DSC_5517 DSC_5523 DSC_5535DSC_5537DSC_5543 DSC_5567 DSC_5576

The four builders under their finished structure. Great job guys!


Pre and post-pergola, just after we bought the house vs. what it looks like now:

Yard_Before and After

Pretty sure we’re living inside an HGTV magazine.


DSC_5744 DSC_5762

I will be spending the rest of this week completing Etsy orders in my fancy new yard and probably never going inside again. If you feel like camping out, you know where to find me.