Manchester, NH, the city I grew up in (sort of…it’s a long story but my family home has a Manchester mailing address despite actually being located in another town), announced that it would be holding a contest to redesign the city’s flag a few months ago. Naturally, I submitted about 1,000 entries. How cool would it be to say you designed your hometown’s flag!?

Turns out that it paid off, because I received word this week that one (of my 10 billion entries) was selected as a finalist and will be voted on by the people of Manchester in their November election! DO YOU LIVE IN MANCHESTER? YOU BETTER VOTE FOR ME. Just kidding, the other designs are actually pretty great. But consider this: wouldn’t you like to say you know the person who designed the city flag? I thought so.

There are 3 finalists out of 288 total submissions. This one is my entry and you should watch for it on the November ballot:

Finalist in the Competition

It’s got the blue and yellow of the NH state flag and a crown for the city’s nickname (Queen City).

A second submission of mine got an honorable mention:

Honorable Mention

That’s the actual city grid in the background, with another crown (for “Queen City”) that creates an “M” in the middle for Manchester (or Megan!). I¬†probably prefer this one because it’s a little more fun, but I’ll take what I can get!

And, perhaps the most exciting part of all of this, I have now been featured in the local paper: The Union Leader. Read their full story on the contest and don’t forget to VOTE in November!