Small Adventures: A Northridge Mountaintop

In college, my friends and I opted out of Friday classes so we could stay home and make silly music videos instead. When we got tired of music videos we would hop in a car and drive, usually pretty aimlessly. We didn’t do anything special, really. Played loud music, danced like idiots, and got out and explored Boston in a very casual way.

Those small weekday adventures are some of my favorite memories. I might not be in college anymore, and my friends might be spread out across the country, but I want to continue to appreciate the small, daily adventures in life. Taking a quick break from my regular schedule is very calming and lets me see things from a fresh perspective when I get back. So I’m going to start documenting them from time to time and posting about them here, in the new Small Adventures category.

Last night, after a very long day for both of us, the other M and I needed to blow off some steam. So we did what anyone would do: picked up our trusty hound, Ruby, and took to the mountains of Northridge!

DSC_7942 (2)

DSC_8010 (3)

(This Mexican blanket is from Tribe and True Studio – it’s my new favorite blanket and it’s on sale right now!)


Northridge was used as the neighborhood in the movie E.T., so a lot of the exterior shots were filmed here. This trail can be seen in the movie! There’s a park nearby that the locals have dubbed “E.T. Park” – remember the scene where Elliot and company ride their bikes through a park and down a hill? Remember that weird caterpillar jungle gym they pass by? It’s still there!


DSC_8209 (1)

Pictured above: my yellow, orange, green, and pink graphic hair clip! I’m pleased to say that it held up very well in nature (and looks great, amiright!?) Available for purchase in the shop section!

DSC_8063 (2)

A little nature and a lot of sunset were the perfect cure for a couple of overwhelming days. It was a nice reminder that you don’t need to go far for a small adventure, sometimes they’re in your own backyard. Only downside was that we didn’t see any aliens. Next time we’ll bring the Reese’s Pieces.