Small Adventures: Daphneyland

The other M’s birthday was last week and we celebrated by going on a volunteering mini-adventure to Daphneyland (a basset hound rescue ranch) in Acton, CA. He is obsessed with basset hounds, so I thought it would be nice to simultaneously better our community and give him the opportunity to hang out with his favorite big, slobbery pups!


Daphneyland is kind of magical. It’s a big open property where basset hounds run around, sleep, and howl in enjoyment all day long. They take incredibly meticulous care of them there – they currently have 5 different specialty diets depending on the needs of the hound. On average, a basset hound in a regular home environment will live about 12-14 years. At Daphneyland, they regularly see them reach 18. Daphney, the rescue’s namesake, was almost 21 when she passed away. How crazy is that!?



This is Traveler. He’s been on TV with Betty White!


M had a special place in his heart for this girl. Her name is Valentine and oh boy, is she a singer! She was talking the whole time we were there and it was absolutely precious.


Here she is howling from her bed:


This is Norman! They joked that he’s paralyzed, but doesn’t know it because he gets around quicker than a lot of the hounds with 4 fully functioning legs! He’d come up and gently press his head against you when he wanted attention. So sweet!





I was reading the other day that sometimes, during the holiday season, animal rescues get overlooked because everyone is so focused on helping other humans. Don’t get me wrong, aid for humanity is a beautiful thing, but let’s try not to forget our four-legged pals along the way.

Here’s my buddy Ashby, soaking up the sunshine:


We left covered in slobbery love and didn’t mind one bit.

If you can spare a few dollars, a chew toy, or a blanket, visit Daphneyland’s website to make a donation! To inquire about adopting any of the basset hounds you see here (or to find out who else is currently available), click here.